A small foray into porcelain

ImagePorcelain is the powder of ground up rocks and minerals, mixed with clay and heated to over 1,400 degrees (F) – which is hotter than volcanic lava!

The formula for porcelain was discovered in ancient China and kept secret for hundreds of years. It was named by Marco Polo when he found some on his visit to China. He thought the texture looked like a seashell, so named it from a word in Italian that mean “cowry shell”.

Europe was unsuccessful in recreating the formula until the King of Poland locked a German chemist in a lab, refusing to let him out until he figured out the exact formula to make porcelain.

Porcelain was produced only for Royalty and Nobility during the late 1800’s because the cost was very high. This is why it remains a symbol of wealth, power and beauty.

Art is created on porcelain by brushing it’s surface with pigments and minerals, then firing it in a kiln several times. This is how the pattern sinks into the surface and is permanent.  Porcelain painting is also known as mineral painting and is one of the world’s oldest forms of art!

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