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Are collectibles going the way of the dodo bird?

Posted in Collectibles, Secondhand with tags , , , , on August 30, 2012 by consignitbc

Hi everyone!

We would like to invite you to travel with us along the road of collectibles and secondhand treasures. Collectively, we have about 13 years in the biz! And trust me, we still have tons and tons to learn! Even some of the basics are still a mystery to us!

One thing we have discovered is that most “young” people are simply not interested in collectibles or do not have the time to investigate.

The following questions come up: Why do people collect? Why are some things collectible and others not? Through researching items that people have consigned, we have found some very interesting facts indeed!

We’ve also noticed an aversion towards things ‘secondhand’. Is this because of the convenience of Big Box Stores? Is there a stigma towards ‘used’ items? Does anyone remember when wood was actual wood? We’ll investigate the benefits and importance of going secondhand – there’s plenty of them!

The goal of our blog is to help all of us “young” people learn about the Collectible World and what it means to be a true Secondhand Junkie. Join us with your own information and comments as we start down this road together.

Andrea and Michelle (aka A & M)